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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's talk about Malaonist The Stalker ...

After much considerations and studies on human behavior, I have to conclude that Malaonist The Stalker are mentally unsound!

Stalkers such as Malaonist The Stalker are more vindictive and obsessed – continue to haunt their victims for years to come.

According to social-psychological views and understanding, Malaonist The Stalker stalk their prey as a way of maintaining the dissolved or nonexistence relationship (at least in their diseased minds). They seek to "punish" their quarry for refusing to collaborate in the charade and for resisting their unwanted and ominous attentions.

Such stalkers come from all walks of life and cut across social, racial, gender, and cultural barriers. They usually suffer from one or more (comorbid) personality disorders. They may have anger management or emotional problems and they usually abuse drugs, alcohol or excessive eating. Stalkers are typically lonely, violent, and intermittently unemployed – but they are rarely full fledged criminals. Studies show that most stalkers are men but now typically women too.

Rejected stalkers are full of jealousy, hatred, intrusive and inordinately persistent. They recognize no boundaries – personal or legal. They honor to "contracts" and they pursue their target for years. They interpret rejection as a sign of the victim's continued interest and obsession with them.

Further studies shows that : Stalking – and the ability to "mete out justice" makes them feel powerful and vindicated. When arrested, they often act the victim and attribute their actions to self-defence and "righting wrongs".

Stalkers are emotionally labile and present with rigid and infantile (primitive) defense mechanisms: splitting, projection, projective identification, denial, intellectualization, and narcissism. They devalue and dehumanize their victims and thus "justify" the harassment or diminish it.

To explain further, Stalkers have crucial personalities disorder thus have a 
Diseases of the Mind
Gosh! they are truly sick people! 
Asylum will be a wise choice to confine these people.

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