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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silly Belief: Magnetic Jewelry

People easily believe that some 'sorcery' magnetic jewelry can cure their chronic illness. Recently I've been reading too many articles on magnetic jewelry. Are there any scientifically proven yet? The answer, no till today.

Incredibly, many still believe that it has magical power to cure sore joints, high blood problems, diabetes or even cancer. Some even spend too much on that silly jewelry. My personal opinion, do your own research before indulging with these silly buying.

Use your common sense.

Do not get fooled so easily.

Go and see your doctor and specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Nobody is perfect, everybody has different level of health as they grow older.

When sick, please treat sickness with optimism.

Get proper treatment and stop spending unnecessarily.

Do your research and spend wisely.

Take a good care of your health. Eat well Spend well. InsyaAllah.

Lastly, there's no shortcut to good health....

yang penting HATI MAU BAIK BEB!

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