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Monday, January 31, 2011

Retirement Plan

Too early for Retirement Plan?

Nowadays, we often talk, laugh and jokes about it. It's the best topic. In fact, we even plan it to be this way or that way. I told my husband I don't mind go to an old folks homes when I'm no longer capable of taking care of myself. I want to have a happy life till the end.

As usual he would say, No lah we will be together as long as we can and party all the time, right till the end!..hahahahahahha...party tupperwarelah!

What so taboo talking about getting old? I don't even think talking about death is so taboo either. One day everyone of us will cease, be gone and dead. A heavy subject that most of us trying very hard to ignore. Yet, it will come to you whether you like it or not. Embrace old and pump warm energy in your heart.

Both of us are getting older by day. We're getting forgetful and smile at every little mischief and jealousy. In facts, it's the best time of our life. Some old people claim that they fart more with increasing age! Oh we just have to admit that! We both get away with it, in such a stupendous, fun filled, life changing joy! LOL

What else we been looking forward, Next? It is just so amazing what old people get away with. They get free coupons, special discounts, free sit whilst using public transport, cutting line and saying whatever comes to mind. WHAT a Life!

"Life is like a piece of chocolate, So make it sweet and tender"

I pray to Allah to grant both of us good life, as the life in the Hereafter is eternal and lasting compared to this temporal world. 

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