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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tea Party

I've decided to make some changes on my food blog. Instead of day in (sigh*) ~ day out, narrated nomadic effort on cooking and experimental journey, I will release a story of interesting things that happens in my daily life.

I will name it Narrating life: Storyteller on the loose!
... and the story has just begun....

My dear good friend suggested that we have Tea Party at least once a month. She's like a family to us. sweet and we adore her dearly. I really think her suggestive ideas totally acceptable and brilliant!

Well... ermm... since I have a small dainty teaset (laugh out loud) So?!! why not?!!!...

We started the day with a nice simple meal which is Cream Mushroom Pasta, plenty of laughter, flimsy gossips and storytelling. It was indeed marvellous!

Everything was unplanned, in fact I had forgotten the date but thank goodness she reminded me a day ahead.

Spontaneous menu were on the list. As you can see the first picture above, seated on the right 3 little black hideous thingy ...hahaha, it was supposed to be banana choc muffin. Unfortunately, it was another failed attempt, my hubby said it tasted more like jemput-jemput pisang Demm Hilarious Occay!!! I was laughing hysterically uncontrollable! Thanx hubby!

Then we had tea from india specially brewed by our dear guest. I am not a great fan of tea with milk but this was exceptionally GOOD! Va Va Vrooomzz hubby love it.. drinking heavenly tea and reminiscing the moment she had those biscuits from Mark and Spencer during her stay while studying Arts in UK with enchanting smile....coincidently, those biscuits was a leftover from hubby Xmas party in his office .... delicious biscuits accompanied with good stories, it tastes even better!

I was a bit slurry like a sloth sashaying here and there...when I look at the banana at the top of my microwave oven that I had bought a day earlier and she said why not we have a banana fritters with cheese...AHHHHHHH!! Ideas!

Simple Recipe
1 pisang tanduk (dunno omputih namelah) cut into strips please (I did not listen to instructions properly, so I slice it , fried then I stripped it horrible me)
Deep frying with batter made of cold water, 1 cup rice flour,  a pinch of tumeric powder, 1 egg and a pinch of salt.

I did not have parmesan cheese so I used cheddar... was told that it would be even better with Parmesan... but still it tastes NYUM! next time...next time do it right..

We watch comedy movies and end the day with henna session...


  1. wah wah .. party never invite me. so naise laa the henna. I like.

  2. next time party tupperware Invite yaya ok...hehehehhe


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